At Lily Staffing Solutions we pride ourselves on the commitment and transparency of our services that are provided to our clients and our workers; therefore, compliance is of important to us.

Commitment to safer recruitment

Lily Staffing Solutions puts the welfare of children and young adults at the centre of all of its work. This policy and the procedures outline in full the measures taken to deter, reject, prevent and detect those who might abuse children or who are unsuited to work with them.

The Safer Recruitment Policy sets out our commitment to recruiting staff who are suitable to work with children and vulnerable adults and sends a clear message to staff, agency workers and potential.

Lily Staffing Solutions aims to recruit and retain the best people, enabling us to achieve the purpose, aims and targets of the partners we work with. To do this we need to recruit safely and carefully and help our employees work to the best of their ability. Effective and consistent recruitment practices are therefore essential to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly and with diversity and equality of opportunity and that costly recruitment mistakes are avoided.

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Lily Staffing Safeguarding Policy

Lily Staffing Solutions is committed to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults. We recognise that a safe and trustworthy environment, combined with clear lines of communication and decisive action ensures the best outcomes for all the children and young people we serve. The organisation expects all staff, Agency Staff, and employment partners to endorse and practice this commitment at all times.

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What we believe

  • All children and young people who receive services from Lily Staffing Solutions or visits one of our partner services or places of work should be safe and protected from harm.
  • We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practise in a way that protects them.
  • Appropriate action must be taken in a timely manner to safeguard and promote children’s welfare.
  • All staff must be aware of their statutory responsibilities with respect to safeguarding.
  • Staff must be properly trained in recognising and reporting safeguarding issues.

Agency Workers Rights Statement

Lily Staffing Solutions have produced this quick guide to show the key entitlements our temporary workers may have under AWR.

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LSS Privacy Statement

Lily Staffing solutions will not share your information or any personal data with out your prior consent. How we use your information.

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LSS Values and Standards

Lily Staffing Solutions has four standards that staff must always adhere to. These standards are the fundamental values our team promises to uphold and help form our company code of conduct:  

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